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The 2022/2023 Unilag Postgraduate Application Form is out already and registration of new intakes already on since Monday 16th May 2023. You already know how we do it every year on this blog since 2012.

Our registration guide for all of our blog readers and followers here is already on since May 16th. We have registered about 150 students already as at the time of writing this post. Continue reading below for more details about the form and how we can help you through he whole process without any hitches.

Unlike previous years, Unilag has increased the price of application form from the normal 22,500 naira to 30,000 naira and basically all courses that were available last year is still available this year. The only change is the official price of application form is now 30,000 naira excluding bank charges. Bank charges can’t be more than 500 naira or maximum of 1000 naira.


  1. Sale of Application Forms commences on Monday, 2ndΒ May 2022. Online Registration already on since May 16th 2022.
  2. Application Form is expected to close soon, so apply on time before unexpected closure.

My Advise: Apply as soon as possible now if you can to avoid stories that touch. My team and I can help you through the whole application process in order for you not to make any mistake that might jeopardize your admission. The success of your admission starts from filling the form correctly. We will also guide you on what course to apply for based on your first degree so you don’t get “Not Qualified or Stepped Down” as admission remark after all your effort. We will also give you necessary materials to help you pass the entrance exam very well.

Our Exclusive Guide/Application Help; Our exclusive guide already started since May 16th. You can now book us to help you with the whole process of application and admission guidance like we usually do every year. If you are a new follower of this blog, take note that on this blog we normally help our readers through with the application process and admission guidance in order to avoid any mistake while filling the form online. The number Of complains we usually receive from students trying to fill the forms on their own every year is something else and hence the reason we decided to help in order to avoid all those mistakes.

How To Book Us To Help With All The Guidance You Need; πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

To book us to help you with your registration/application guide you can simply send a WhatsApp message to: 07065298446 with the message; “Please I Need Help With My Unilag Postgraduate Registration and Application Guide”

Or Send an Email to; with the subject: “Please I Need Help With My Unilag Postgraduate Registration and Application Guide”

Kindly note that if you already started the application on your own, we might not be able to help you if you make any mistake while filling the form. You might need to get another fresh form. So, it’s better we start the whole process and end it for you neatly.

There will be an entrance exam for all applicants after sales of form. This entrance exam is what will determine whether you will gain the admission or not. You can get the necessary materials needed to pass your own chosen course exam via this link; Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Examination Past Questions and Answers Materials

In the coming days, I will be posting more and more guide regarding all courses and what to in order to have a successful admission excercise. If you are yet to subscribe to our free email updates, make sure you do so below in order not to miss out on any of our subsequent updates and guide.

Before the entrance exam comes up, I will be posting area of concentration for all of my followers. Drop The Course You Want To Apply For In The Comment Section Below and Make sure you subscribe to our free email updates now πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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26 thoughts on “2022/2023 Unilag Masters & Postgraduate Diploma Application Form; How To Apply”
  1. Please I want to ask about Unilag last matriculation. When are freshmen required to submit their matriculation gown.

    I will be expecting your reply. Thanks

  2. I have an HND in banking (upper credit) with over 8 years work experience, Interested in an MBA. Am I eligible? Thanks as I await your feedback.

  3. Hello, Timothy of Lagos.

    I want to apply for MSc. in Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management in UniLag.

    I studied Biochemistry in UniPort. Is it a good fit? Is the choice of course agreeable and feasible?

    I await your well thought-out reply. Thank you

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